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Smart 70 - Standalone Laminator

We would like to introduce our new product SMART Standalone Laminator.

The main advantage of using SMART Standalone Laminator is listed below.

  • Thermal printed ID cards can be laminated by using SMART Standalone Laminator, which will protect the ID cards from tampering, Fading and gives longer life.
  • After Lamination of the Thermal printed cards (your id cards) the card is protected from Tampering & Fading, the life of the card is enhanced.
    • The main feature of this STAND ALONE LAMINATOR (MODEL : SMART 70) it does not need a System (Computer and software), it can work stand alone.
    • Customized Security Holographic Patch film for lamination will ensure high security of ID cards
    • Suitable for the ID cards printed from any brand / model printers.
  • Just feed the card , it gets laminated and drops out to the stacker. Product working video is given below for your reference.

  • Technical Parameters
    • No warming - up time (Instant direct heating mechanism)
    • Drawer type film cartridge
    • LCD and 4 buttons, Indicator LED
    • Scratch free
    • Metal frame & Stainless shaft, All bearing
    • Physical locking mechanism & Kensington lock
  • Specification
  • Card  
    Card Feeding Automatic
    Card Size ISO CR80 (54mm x 86mm / 2.12” x 3.38”)
    Card Thickness 0.38mm (15mil) ∼ 1.2mm (47mil)
    Card Type PVC, Composite PVC, PET
    Input Hooper: Card 500 or 300 cards Cartridge Selectable
    Type Direct Heating Lamination
    Speed 19 sec./card (Single-sided Laminating)
    Laminating Film  
    Type Clear, Holographic
    Thickness 0.6mil, 1.0mil
    Capacity 500 Cards/Roll
    Residual Q'ty Sensor Near Empty   Empty
    Detection Sensor Cartridge Mount Status Detectable
    Interface 2 Line LCD / 4 Buttons / 1 LED Indicator
    Communication USB, RS-232C
    Power Supply Free Voltage (AC 100/220V, 50 ∼ 60Hz)
    Power Consumption (Max) 24V, 4.3A
    Temperature / Humidity 15 ∼ 350C / 35 ∼ 70%
    Physical Lock Laminating Film
    Station Itself Kensington Lock
    Dimension (W x L x H) 410 x 214 x 305 / 16.2 x 8.4 x 12
    Kg/Lbs Approx. 9.8 kg/21.6 lbs